Christmas Present Giving - Terms and Conditions of Donations

We do not like red-tape and long, hidden terms and conditions. However we have found to help prevent any confusion with donations to the Christmas Present Appeal we have to have a few basic terms and conditions. Although not legally binding, it gives an informal understanding of what presents we can accept and what happens to gifts that are donated to the Appeal.

Christmas Present Terms and Conditions


Thank you for wanting to support the Christmas Present Appeal for Yorkshire Children’s Trust. To make things as simple as possible, we ask you to read through and accept the following terms and conditions when donating to the appeal.


  1. A. Present Type

    1. Gifts donated should be in new condition and in original packaging;

    2. Each gift should be under £10 in value;

    3. Gifts should be for a child from new-born to teenager;

    4. Gifts should not be of a political or sexually explicit nature, nor should they promote violence, racism, homophobia or be of a nature that may cause upset or offence;

    5. Gifts should not contain food or beverages, this also covers Chocolate Selection boxes (due to allergies);

    6. Gifts should not be clothing, shoes, coats or accessories.

    7. Gifts should not be wrapped before donating to the charity as we need to check the condition and suitability of each item.

  1. B. Unsuitable Gifts

    1. Any gifts which do not meet our Present Giving criteria will not be used for present giving at local hospitals.

    2. In addition to the gifts mentioned in section 1 of this document, gifts that we deem as unsuitable due to size or weight may not be used for present giving, but will be used in other ways as listed below.

    3. Unless expressed by the donator, any unsuitable gifts that can be sold in the official Charity Shop will be done so, this may include online sales via eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Funds raised from these sales will follow the official charity Allocation of Funds (AOF) Policy to help support children via the official charity objectives.

    4. Any gifts deemed unsuitable for use for Present Giving or for sale may be given to an alternative charity with similar aims or otherwise disposed of.


  1. C. Present Giving Process

    1. Donated gifts that are suitable for donation to local hospitals will be wrapped and labelled with the age range and suggested gender before being sorted and allocated to hospital deliveries.

    2. The charity cannot guarantee that donated gifts will go to a preferred hospital. The gifts are sorted by age and gender, not by who donated them.

    3. Although the charity endeavours to deliver to as many hospitals as possible, the actual number delivered to each year will be dependent of the number of gifts donated. We will always deliver to as many hospitals as we can each year.

    4. Preference to Calderdale Hospital will always be given as this is the closest hospital to Yorkshire Children’s Trust.

    5. Gift Giving may be delayed due to hospital or local restrictions caused by Cornavirus, however we will try to deliver as close to Christmas as possible.

Policy Date: 1st November 2018, updated 26 August 2020

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