House to House Clothing Collection Bags

Yorkshire Children's Trust has been recycling clothing from house to house collections since October 2017, and starting January 2020, we are very excited to announce our new commercial partnership with Unicare Ltd, a local, Leeds based clothing recycling organisation.

Together we are working to collect as much clothing, shoes, belts and accessories, handbags and bric-a-brac from going to landfill, if you receive one of our collection bags, please fill it as full as you can and we will collect it on the day specified.

What can you place in the bags?

Clean Clothes

Pairs of Shoes

Belts & Accessories

Hand Bags


Look out for our brand new style
collection bags in your area and remember, every donation really helps!

Got a clothing collection bag enquiry? Please call Unicare on 0333 66 66 777

Our collection promise

Our collections will be on a weekday, Monday to Friday

Our collectors normally collect between 8am and 6pm

Our collectors will all wear I.D.

Our collectors will be polite and smartly dressed

We are happy to add your address to our 'Do Not Contact' List

We will fully investigate any complaints

All our collections are licensed by local authorities

Your donations help to make a big difference to our work!

Our collectors will also be smartly presented, respectful and courteous. Although we try our best, sometimes we may miss your home in a collection or drop a bag in your letterbox when you do not want one. We are happy to rectify any mistakes, simply drop an email by clicking here - this message will be delivered to both the Charity Manager and the team at Unicare Ltd.

House to House clothing collections are made by Unicare Ltd, registered company 05744027 under a Commercial Partnership Agreement. A minimum of £17,000 of money raised from the clothing collected in the Yorkshire Children's Trust bags will be paid to the charity in 2020, money raised from the collection bags is used to fund core costs. All collectors working for Unicare Ltd will carry Identification cards and are not permitted to collect cash or cheque donations, these should be paid directly to the charity. Collections are usually from 8am-6pm on a weekday.

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