Person centred counselling with an NCS (National Counselling Service) registered counsellor.

We are able to support parents, children, siblings as well as professionals dealing with children who may have illnesses or disabilities.

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Being a parent is a hard job, it is a job that a person takes on freely and can give a life-time of joy and happiness. However, dealing with a child that has been diagnosed with a long term illness or a disability can put a huge strain on the family, both emotionally and financially. 

Luckily there are welfare benefits to help provide a stop-gap or long term financial support to the family, but dealing with the emotional stress can leave parents and the children themselves with nowhere to turn for support which can lead to depression and further illness.

Yorkshire Children's Trust are here to provide emotional support with a NCS registered counsellor who will listen to you to understand your needs and offer a person-centred approach over several sessions. The initial assessment will be over the telephone and will typically last around 15 minutes and will give the counsellor an idea of what the best support options will be, and the expected number of sessions that will be required. This initial assessment will be offered free of charge.

Our low cost, regular sessions will either take place over the telephone or in person at our charity office based in the Halifax area, or in some cases at your home. Sessions with children would normally be completed in the school environment. Although there is a cost to these sessions, they can be paid either in a block of six or individually if that would be an easier option. As a charity we aim to keep our prices as cheap as possible to help make our help a cost effective option.

So what is person-centred counselling? - Basically it means that the counsellor will listen and be sympathetic to your problems and will help lead you to understand how to find your own strengths and personal identity and lead you to making your way successfully through your journey. There are no right or wrong answers and you will be asked to complete an anonymous form in each session to monitor your depression and anxiety levels.

Is it confidential? - Confidential is key, we would like you to feel relaxed and safe during your sessions. We understand how difficult it can be to decide to undertake personal counselling sessions and the need to build a trustworthy relationship with your counsellor. The sessions are completely confidential, we will not share any information you have divulged unless we feel there is a risk of personal harm or risk to a third party or details are provided of a crime or an act of terrorism. We completely follow the guidelines set by the BACP and NCS. 

I cannot make a session - We recommend that you follow the advice of your counsellor on the number and regularity of the sessions. However we understand that there are times when you will not be able to make a session, or cases where the counsellor may not be available. In these cases we ask that sessions are rearranged promptly to make sure you do not lose your entitlement. We cannot refund prepaid sessions, but are able to rearrange pre-paid sessions.

Is there a waiting list? - Although there is currently no waiting list, there may be times when our availability is over taken by demand and in these cases we will set up a waiting list where clients will be offered counselling on a first come, first served basis.

What are the costs involved? - The initial telephone based assessment is provided free of charge, we offer low cost ongoing sessions for a set fee depending on if the therapy is over the telephone, in person or on a home visit. All costs will be discussed at your assessment.

I prefer to have my sessions in person, can you visit my house? - If you live within a 15 mile radius of our charity office, we may be able to offer sessions at home, however these will be subject to approval and at a higher cost than sessions provided over the telephone.

If you would like to discuss the counselling in more detail, please call Sarah on 01422 728086, or if you are ready to book your initial assessment, please click the book button below and complete the form.

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