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Starting to Cautiously Recycle Again

Updated: May 7

Addition on 7 May 2020: In addition to my original post, today I would like to continue to express my frustration at some of the very aggressive and inappropriate messages that both the charity and our recycling partner, Unicare Ltd have received from members of the public.

Both the charity and our recycling partners are acutely aware of Government legislation and have closely followed the rules laid out on the Gov.uk website. Our collections are licensed with local authorities, and we have liaised with them before we started collections to openly show how we will work in a safe way to protect our team members and the general public.

In addition we have had discussions with the Fundraising Regulator and the legal team at a charity law specialist to fully ensure we are working within the law and the boundaries set.

Some of the messages received to team members have been very hurtful and upsetting and have caused a great deal of distress, so from this point forward, we will continue to reply to any questions or concerns raised, but any other messages will be ignored and not responded to in any way.

I am sorry if my message sounds harsh in any way, but I am sure you will understand, we are a small charity run by a team of volunteers. No-one is on a 'fat-cat' salary and team members do not deserve to be shouted at or abused.

Again, I ask that any enquiries or questions about our clothing collections bags are directed to our commercial partner, Unicare. You can call them on 0333 66 66 777 or via email on support@unicaremail.co.uk

Original message - (26 April 2020):

As we continue to follow guidelines passed down to us, we have this last few days liaised with local authorities to check on the best way for us to safely restart our house to house recycling.

We are mindful that not everyone will agree that our services are essential, but our recycling activities have never been a restricted activity; however we stopped collections until we reached the top of the pandemic curve to ensure the safety of our team members as well as the general public.

As the Government has now stated we are over the top of the curve, we are going to take a cautious approach of slowly recommencing our recycling collections across the region. Again we will be paying particular attention to safety as we issue our team members with PPE and ask them to work individually, rather than in the small teams that they'll be used to.

Our recycling partner Unicare Ltd and I have had many discussions about restarting the collections and both the charity and the recycling company agree on a staggered, cautious approach, taking into account any further guidance we may receive as we continue to liaise with local authorities.

We hope you will continue to support our efforts, its been a difficult decision to make, and if you receive one of our charity bags and you do not wish to support us at this time, we fully understand this and we welcome you to recycle the bag or re-purpose it if you choose to do so.

Can we please ask that our team members at Unicare are not verbally abused, we have all worked together to come up with a workable solution, taking into account the views of the majority of the general public and the local authorities. We are of course watching carefully for any changes in the advice we receive should the pandemic take a turn for the worse, and our collections services will of course reflect these changes.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our house to house clothing collections, we ask that you contact our recycling partner in the first instance on 0333 66 66 777 or via email on support@unicaremail.co.uk

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