Support Terms and Conditions

We support children in Yorkshire who suffer from any long term life-limiting illness or disability with essential emotional and financial support.

We offer financial support to help cover medical equipment or treatment, hospital travel costs or essential home modifications.

Our Emotional support includes short family breaks at Haven Holiday Parks, one-to-one counselling and welfare benefits advice.



Yorkshire Children’s Trust is a UK registered charity, number 1146884, as well as a company limited by guarantee, number 10650385. It was founded on 1st March 2011 to provide emotional and financial support to families in the Yorkshire region who have a sick or disabled child. The charity does not require repayment of their grant awards but welcomes the support of those it has been able to help, to enable it to provide more support to children in the future.


Please read all these terms and conditions.


As we can accept your application and make legally enforceable agreements without further reference to you, it is vital that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. If there is any part you are unsure of please do not hesitate to contact us.


1. By making an application for support from Yorkshire Children’s Trust you, as the Service User, fully agree to the terms laid out in this document.




2. The Charity is Yorkshire Children’s Trust whose registered address is 6 Crown Yard, Southgate, Elland, HX5 0DQ.


3. ‘Service User’ is the person who has made a support application and using the services of the charity. This is usually a parent, guardian, medical professional, key or social worker or teacher.


4. Child’, ‘Children’ is the sick or disabled child who resides in the Service Region of The Charity and is in need of support via the Service User.


5. ‘Service Region’ is within the boundaries of West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire


6. ‘Support Application’ is the secure, online application form which is designed to collect information about the Service User and The Child in order to provide the charitable services of The Charity.


7. ‘Support Form’ is the completed paper based Support Application document sent to the Service User to sign.


8. ‘Illness or Disability’ is a medically confirmed illness or disability.


9. ‘Outside Agencies’ include, but are not limited to Schools, GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Hospices and Social Services.


10. ‘Trustee Meeting’ is a monthly meeting where the Trustees responsible for the overview of The Charity make a final decision on Support Applications based on the information provided and the recommendation of the Charity Social Worker.

11. ‘Hospital Travel Costs’ are the costs associated with a parent, guardian or carer making visits to The Child whilst an inpatient in a hospital or hospice.


12. ‘Payment Acceptance Form’, ‘PAF’ is the form that must be signed to accept the Hospital Travel Costs payment.


13. ‘Medical Equipment’ is pieces of equipment designed exclusively to relieve pain, suffering or to support The Child in their daily needs.


14. ‘Medical Treatment’ is a medical procedure, test, intervention, therapy or observation for the benefit of The Child in respect to the alleviation of pain or discomfort, a cure, for further diagnosis or for the purpose of confirming the diagnosis of an Illness or Disability.


15. ‘Essential Home Modifications’ are modifications to the home that are essential and urgently required either for the safety or improved quality of life for the Child.


16. ‘Counselling Service’ is therapeutic counselling to the Child or its family to aid with the acceptance or daily outcome of an Illness or Disability or for the benefit of support in respect of welfare benefit applications.


17. ‘Haven Holidays’ is a trading name of Bourne Leisure Limited, company number 04011660.


18. ‘Mid-Week Break’ is a break starting on a Monday, with check-in usually being 4pm. The break includes accommodation for 4 Nights with the break concluding and check-out at 10am on a Friday.


19. ‘Standard Newer’ is standard grade of accommodation at a Haven Holiday parks that are less than two years old with Double Glazing and Central Heating. Two or Three bedroom units are available.


20. ‘Adapted Caravan’ is a grade of accommodation at Haven Holiday parks that are adapted for the needs of a wheelchair user, with ramp access, lower kitchen units and wet room.


Application Process and Awards

21. The Charity will accept applications for support for Children who reside in the Service Area, have an Illness or Disability and requires additional support with Hospital Travel Costs, Medical Equipment, Medical Treatment, Essential Home Modifications, a Mid-Week Break or the Charity Counselling Service.


22. The Service User must complete the Support Application either through the secure Charity website or via a paper form which will be available on request.


23. Once completed the information provided will be entered into a secure database system and a completed Support Form will be posted to the Service User to check their details, confirm these with their signature and return the form, together with any further information requested by the Charity.


24. On return of the completed Support Form the Charity Social Worker will liaise with Outside Agencies to verify the details given and gain an understanding of how the Charity can best provide support to the Child.


25. Providing misleading or false information will result in immediate decline of the application and bar any future Support Applications from being processed.


26. The Charity Social Worker will use their best judgement, based on the information provided on the Support Form and received from Outside Agencies, to make a recommendation on whether to accept or decline the application. This will then be passed on to the Trustees who will discuss each outstanding Support Application and make the final decision whether the application is to be accepted and the amount of the award. The Trustees decision is final and no appeal will be considered.


27. Following the Trustee Meeting the Charity Manager will communicate with the Service User to discuss the outcome of the Support Application and arrange for the order and delivery of any support items or modifications as required, whilst obtaining the best possible price with any VAT relief as applicable.


28. Successful applicants are barred from making any further applications for the same Child for a period of 12 months from the date of the acceptance letter.


29. Unsuccessful applicants are barred from making any further applications for the same Child for a period of 6 months from the date of the decline letter.


30. Successful applicants who have applied for support in excess of the maximum charity award as determined from time to time by the Charity Trustees can ask for a two month hold to be placed on the payment whilst further fundraising is undertaken.


31. Award payments can only be placed on hold once.


32. In the event that full funds are not in place by the expiration of the hold period the award will automatically be classed as unsuccessful and funds will be released to support other applications.


33. Should the award necessitate a direct payment to the Service User payment will be made by cheque and sent together with a Payment Acceptance Form (PAF), which must be signed and returned to the Charity within 7 days.


34. Failure to return the PAF within the 7-day period will result in the cheque being cancelled.


35. In the event that the cheque has already been cashed, the full amount will become due back to the Charity with immediate effect.


36. The Service User, or Parent of the Child must use the provided funds for the intended purpose only, and the Charity reserves the right to request receipts for a period of up to 12 months from the date of the award payment.


Hospital Travel Costs


37. Payment of Hospital Travel Costs are for a child who is an in-patient for a minimum of 7 days, with acceptance being from the 8th day. These in-patient days must be consecutive, without any breaks, in order to be considered. Future in-patient stays will be considered if the Outside Agencies can confirm that the stay as an in-patient will be expected to exceed the 7-day consecutive period, this is usually for a planned operation or procedure.


38. A one-off payment of £100 or any varied amount as authorised by the Charity Trustees will be made payable directly to the Service User or Parent of the Child. This will be presented with a PAF which must be signed and returned by the Service User within 7 days. (Points 33-36 apply)


Essential Home Modifications


39. The Home Modifications award can be supported with an award up to £750, as determined by the Charity Trustees, the award can be used as part-payment for work/item(s) exceeding the Charity’s maximum award but payment usually only be made directly to suppliers or to other charities who may also be supporting the family with a further payment towards the work.


40. The home modifications to be carried out must be classed as essential and be urgently required either for the safety reasons, or for the purpose of improving quality of life for the Child. This will be assessed on a balance of probability by using the information provided by the Service User on the Support Application and the information collated by the Charity Social Worker through liaising with Outside Agencies.


Medical Equipment


41. The Medical Equipment award can be supported with an award up to £750, as determined by the Charity Trustees, the award can be used as part-payment for item(s) exceeding the Charity’s maximum award but payment can only be made directly to suppliers or to other charities who may also be supporting the family with a further payment towards the cost of the medical equipment request.


42. The equipment must be certified for use for its intended purpose, and Outside Agencies must confirm the medical need for the requested item(s). It would also be beneficial if the Child has been directly assessed and an accompanying report on the need and fitting of the item(s) requested. We cannot support payment towards item(s) that are not directly specified as for a child with a medical need.


Medical Treatment


43. The Medical Treatment award can be supported with an award of up to £750, as determined by the Charity Trustees, the award can be used as part-payment for item(s) exceeding the Charity’s maximum awards but payment can only be made directly to the supplier or facility providing the treatment, or other charities also contributing towards the treatment.


44. The treatment must be for the purpose of alleviating pain or discomfort, a cure, further diagnosis or confirming the diagnosis of an Illness or Disability.


45. The Charity will only pay for support treatments that are clinically proven to support children with the Illness or Disability stated on the Support Application, and will not support overseas treatment, untested treatments or new treatments still in their trial phase.


Mid-Week Breaks


46. The Mid-Week Breaks are suitable for most Children and their immediate families. The breaks are provided by Haven Holidays are available at their Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Blackpool parks as listed on their website, The breaks are provided from 4pm on a Monday and will end at 10am on a Friday morning as will be confirmed on the acceptance letter provided by the Charity.


47. The grade of caravan will usually be of Standard Newer, of either two or three bedrooms depending on the number of family members attending the break. The Standard Newer provide a clean, nearly new unit with central heating and double glazing so are suitable for breaks no matter what the weather and outside temperature. Disabled Accessible caravans can be provided on request and will have lower units, more space and a wet room, these are only available with two bedrooms.


48. The break will be booked and paid directly by the Charity and is solely intended for the benefit of the Child and its immediate family members - this usually includes parents and siblings, but not extended family members or friends - up to a maximum of 6 people in total, including the Child.


49. Although the Charity will try to accommodate requested dates and parks, these are subject to cost and availability at the time of booking. The Charity requests that no holidays are booked from work or school until a confirmation letter is received from the Charity.


50. The breaks are provided on a self-catering basis and include bedding and Haven entertainment passes. The families are responsible for providing their own insurance and travel costs and any hire equipment such as cots or bed guards as they see fit.


51. The mid-week breaks cannot be changed or amended once booked and the Charity does not accept liability for breaks missed for any reason.


52. The holiday booking will be subject to the Haven terms and conditions which are available from them on request.


Welfare Benefits Advice & Counselling Service


53. The Charity will provide on a non-advice basis details of available welfare benefits that may be available for the Child or its family.


54. Charity staff or volunteers may assist in completing welfare benefit forms for the Child or its family using the information supplied by the Child, family members, Service User or Outside Agencies.


55. The Charity, its staff or volunteers are not responsible for the information supplied for completion of the form or the outcome of applications, nor will the staff or volunteers be available to provide information or appear at appeal hearings.


56. Counselling will be provided by trained staff to the Child, its siblings or parents. This will be provided at no cost to the end user but a suitable donation is expected to be provided. Counselling booked or requested by Outside Agencies will be chargeable to the Outside Agencies at a price agreed prior to providing the service.


57. The Counselling is provided to discuss and help deal with the diagnosis of an Illness or Disability, dealing with the long-term effects of such a diagnosis or the loss of a child. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be included as part of the service provided.


‘Share Your Story’ Form


58. With each successful award the Charity will provide the Service User with a Share Your Story form. This is a publicity authorisation form which, once completed by the Child’s legal guardian(s), will allow the Charity to share the story of the Child, alongside any media provided such as photographs or video via the methods specified which may include via Social Media, the Charity’s official website, through printed press or via television or radio media.


59. The Child’s legal guardian(s) is free to accept or decline to complete the Share Your Story form, the decision of which will have no effect on the success of an award from the Charity.


60. Should the Child’s legal guardian(s) wish to rescind or change the terms of use of the information or media shared with the Charity, they may do so at any time by writing an email to or by writing to Yorkshire Children’s Trust, 6 Crown Yard, Southgate, Elland, HX5 0DQ


Warranties and Liability


61. At no time do Yorkshire Children’s Trust, its staff, volunteers, agents or suppliers make any claim that the items requested by the Service User are suitable for the Child, it is up to the Service User and/or the Child’s parents or guardian to correctly make that determination.


62. We offer no warranty or guarantee on the item(s) and title to the goods or service immediately passes to the Service User.


63. Any claim against failure or defect is to be held directly with the supplier or provider of the item or service and by using the services of the Charity, the Service User will not hold Yorkshire Children’s Trust liable.


64. Unless expressly expressed by law, Yorkshire Children’s Trust, its staff, volunteers and agents are not liable for any damage to property, personal injury or death caused by use of any items paid for or provided by the charity.


65. At no time do we make any recommendation for any particular product or service. We do not offer any advice about any suitability of items for any particular illness, disability or ailment. We provide our service on a good-will nature on the assumption the Service User has made all necessary enquiries or checks on the validity of claims on how the items will support the Child and how to use them without causing harm or injury to the Child.


Applicable Law


66. This agreement is governed by the law of England. Any item referred to in the feminine also applies to the masculine and vice versa. The titles to each section are provided for the clarity of the document and do not form part of the contract.


67. If the English courts decided one part of this document is unlawful, the remaining part of the document remains valid and enforceable.

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