Travel Costs Grant

A one off support grant of £150 to help with the costs of travel and parking when having a child in hospital for a prolonged duration.

"helping to relieve the financial burden of parents with children in hospital."


Applications for support are processed by the Trustees at their regular meetings which usually occur monthly. Accepted awards are then paid directly to families by bank transfer.

We request that the award is only used for:

Travelling to hospital via car or public transport
Hospital parking charges
Food from the hospital cafe/restaurant



Having a child in hospital can be a scary and emotional time and the last thing parents need to worry about is the financial burden of travelling to hospital and paying expensive hospital parking charges.

Yorkshire Children's Trust are very pleased to offer a one-off travel grant. Currently, a one off payment of £150 is available to parents or carers to help cover the costs associated with having a child in hospital for an extended duration.

The application has to be made by a professional such as a doctor, nurse, support or social worker and is guaranteed to be accepted if the child is currently an inpatient and will be for a minimum of 8 days.


Please note that applications can only be accepted by professionals such as doctors, nurses, support & social workers.


Applications are subject to final acceptance by the Charity Trustees at their regular meetings. Payments will be made direct to the parents by bank transfer within 7 days of acceptance of the grant award. 
Awards must be spent on costs associated with the child being in hospital such as travel costs by car or public transport, parking charges or food costs purchased within the hospital.
A Payment Acceptance Form (PAF) will need to be signed on receipt of the award to confirm receipt and that funds are to be spent only on the items listed on the award. Failure to complete the PAF may lead to the charity recovering the award payout.


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