Support for Travel Costs                                                      

This is an application for the Travel Costs Grant from Yorkshire Children's Trust. The charity can only accept applications from medical professionals, social workers or key workers. Applications will take between 1-4 weeks to process.

Please ensure all detail provided are accurate, paying particular attention to the parents/carers bank details as payments are made via BACS for faster processing.  The current one-time award amount is £150.00.   

This application is subject to verification by the charity social worker and the Charity Trustees. To be eligible, the child must be an inpatient for a minimum of 8 days without a break at the time of the application is made.

Applicant Details


About The Child

Child Hospital Status
Does the child receive DLA/PIP

Payment Details

Payment Details

The payment of the travel costs award must be into the bank account of one of the parents or legal guardians. Once payment has been sent we will require Payment Acceptance Form to be completed. This will be sent in the post or via email.
Bank Details Confirmed Correct

Acceptance Declaration

This is my application for support for travel costs from Yorkshire Children’s Trust. I can confirm that the information I have provided is correct and understand that providing incorrect or misleading information will result in the application being withdrawn and all future applications automatically declined.

Both the professional making the application and the named parent or legal guardian explicitly agree to the charity using the supplied information in line with GDPR regulations, to store and use the data in connection with the verification and processing to successfully provide the services of the charity.

Both the applicant and the named parent or legal guardian also agree to members or agents of the charity to contact outside agencies and for them to release sensitive data which will include names, dates of birth, medical conditions and illness details and hospital stays, this is only for the reason of decision making in relation to this support application.

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