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Yorkshire Children's Trust is a truly local charity, helping local children. It is a small, community charity, founded in March 2011 by two sets of parents that have children who have gone through the long and harsh treatment of cancer.

Relying heavily on voluntary donations, the charity was founded to help families who can fall through the 'funding gap' of traditional support channels and has successfully helped hundreds of children since it started.

Travel Cost Grant

A one off payment of £150 to help support children in hospital for weeks at a time. This essential payment helps to keep families together at a time of most need.

Counselling & Therapies

Person centred counselling and play therapies to help support children, parents, siblings and professionals when the need arises to prevent mental illness.

Respite Breaks

A time away to recharge batteries in a fresh environment, not just for the child, but mum, dad and siblings too. A relaxing break for families that may never have had a holiday together.

Other Options

The team at Yorkshire Children's Trust are very pleased to offer annual present giving every Christmas to local hospitals in the Yorkshire region. This is also repeated at Easter with chocolate eggs.

It is not just children with cancer the charity will offer support for. Any long term illness or disability, be a physical or mental impairment, the charity are able to offer a range of services to help support some of the most vulnerable children in the Yorkshire region.

Yorkshire Children's Trust liaise with parents, medical professionals, teachers and key workers to ensure the best possible outcomes with a range of support options.

You can help these children; With your donation, we will pay for:

• Treatments such as counselling or therapies

• Hospital travel for a child that may be an inpatient for weeks at a time;

• Breaks for affected families that include mum, dad, siblings and carers;

• One-on-one counselling for not just the child, but parents and siblings;

• Annual Hospital Visits offering children gifts at Christmas and Easter.

With your help, we will make the lives of local children better, and reduce the impact on the families that care for them. Remember, every donation, no matter how big or small will help support our work in the community.

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Text donation will cost £5 plus one standard text. 

Donations can be cancelled at any time.

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