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Yorkshire Children’s Trust was founded by two sets of parents after their daughters were diagnosed with Leukaemia. Since 2011, the charity has set out to help children and their families cope with the emotional and financial strain of many life-changing illnesses, something the founders of the charity understand after dealing with cancer.

Despite our far-reaching work with local parents, support workers and medical professionals, Yorkshire Children’s Trust receive no lottery, NHS or central government funding. The cost of helping children rises every year and we rely 100% on donations to fund our essential work in the community.

You can help these children; With your donation, we will pay for:

• Medical equipment such as wheelchairs, carseats, or special beds

• Treatments such as counselling or therapies

• Home modifications such as wheelchair ramps or making a safe play area

• Hospital travel for a child that may be having treatment far from home

• Breaks for affected families that include mum, dad, siblings and carers

• One-on-one counselling for not just the child, but parents and siblings

• Welfare and debt advice including getting extra support when its needed most

With your help, we will make the lives of local children better, and reduce the impact on the families that care for them.

Bring a smile to a local child

"...I might never see my sister again... and  she's not even awake for me to say goodbye to her..."


Text donation will cost £5 plus one standard text. 

Donations can be paused or cancelled at any time.

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